Hostel & Boarding

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

  1. We have laid a lot of emphasis in creating a warm, welcoming, invigorating and home-like atmosphere in our hostels. A home away from home, where the children develop the 'confidence to be independent', be it friendships, food, belongings, rooms, joys, sorrows, challenges & experiences of growing-up together.

    The inmates share a room among two/four each with a separate cot, reading desk and chair. The rooms are pleasant, hygienic and kept clean by the housekeeping staff. Furnished with TV & indoor games provide a homely atmosphere. Well experienced Gents and Lady Wardens with a lady attendant for each hostel are provided. The dedicated wardens ensure discipline in the student's home.

    Other Amenities

  2. * In hostel doubt clear facility by subject teachers.
  3. * Supply of purified water from a protected water source.
  4. * Provision for laundry system and other facilities.
  5. * Generator back-up facilities.

Yoga & Meditation


To bring about a consciousness of the self and surroundings, to improve concentration and to relax the mind, we provide the benefit of Yoga and Meditation. It is made compulsory and as a part of daily routine of the students. The school has included Yoga in its curriculum for building a total personality of the students. The morning session of Yoga perfects the students with Asanas, Pranayanams and Kriyas whereas mass meditation is practiced in the evening session. Lectures, demonstrations, seminars, personality development camps and workshops on Yoga and spirituality are organized time to time to broaden the vision of the students.

Health Care

Happiness is nothing more than good health. Homeopathic & Allopathic doctors, pathology lab & Ambulance service are available round the clock in GIET campus.