Beyond Academics

  • GPS believes that learning is not only done in books. To bring out, nurture and develop the inner potentials and skills in a student like Poetic & Artistic Creativeness, Innovative Thinking, Leadership Quality, Sense of Belongingness and Pride, school has introduced a lot of programmes.
  • House System

  • To inculcate in the child the qualities such as loyalty, feeling of oneness, healthy competitiveness, leadership, sacrifice and honour the whole school has been divided into six houses representing eminent personalities of the locality, state & the country.
  • Houses names are
    • 1. Balaram House
    • 2. C V Raman House
    • 3. Gopabandhu House
    • 4. APJ A Kalam House
    • 5. Shivajee House
    • 6. Sarojinee House
    • A house is led by House Captains and Vice-Captains (Boys & Girls).
    • All the houses are led by four School Captains: Head Boy, Head Girl, Activity Captain and Games Captain.
    • All the literary, games and sports competitions are held house wise and at the end of the session a house is declared as Overall Champion House.


    Morning Assembly

  • Every schooldays Morning Assembly conditions the students for the activities of the whole day.
  • A day begins with prayer called as the Voice of Faith. Which brings spiritual inclination in a student, and helps to begin a day with blessing from the Almighty.
  • Moreover it pulpits the young learner to showcase his/her talents in the form of presentations / deliverances' of Holy Scriptures, Thought of the Day, News Updates, Speeches, Quiz and special artistic activities.
  • Many speakers including students enlighten the assembly on wide ranges of topics. In one sentence, the Morning Assembly gives students a wide vista for self-developments.
  • Science


  • To actively participate in various specific programmes to spread awareness, create interest, develop scientific temper and broaden the horizon of learning, following clubs been formed.

  • Science Advancement Society – Junior (Affiliation Number V2427015

  • On 5th June 2014, the school has been accorded membership of VIgyan Prasar NETwork (VIPNET), an autonomous organisation under Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India. The club aims to promote and popularize Science & Technology by providing a platform to young scientists to showcase their innovative ideas, models etc.
  • Seventy Four students from Class VIII to XII have enrolled in the club.
  • Eco & Yoga


  • The Eco Club aims to create awareness on and promote ideas of “Conservation of Bio-Diversity, Clean & Safe Environment, Clean Energy, Conservation of Energy etc”, among students, parents and the locality. The Club regularly organizes programmes such as Bana Mahostav, Rally, Debate & Elocution Competitions, Making Posters and Slogans etc.

  • Students from Class VIII and above are the mandatory members of the club.

  • The Yoga Club promotes and practices “Health Wellness: Body & Mind” through natural process like Yoga. Every Sunday and on Holidays, students attend yoga classes conducted by trained yoga teacher of the school.