About Leadership

Prof. (Dr.) Satya Prakash Panda, M.A., LL.B., Ph.D.

Chairman of Gandhi Group Of Institution.

  • The difference between the dreamer and innovator is that a dreamer just dreams and an innovator creates his own path to realize ideas which others think as impossible. That streak of originality is the distinct quality that makes Dr. Panda, as the brightest star of education horizon of Eastern India.

  • The founder of the Gandhi Group established dozen of technical institutions. This school is within the compound of the Gandhi Group's flagship institution GIET, Gunupur.

  • Dr. Panda is a multifaceted personality with exceptional qualities as a person as well as scholar. He is the man of intellectual integrity and humanism, a Gandhian philosopher, education-entrepreneur, a human administrator, an ardent advocate, a social worker.

  • He has played each of his roles of life with immaculate perfection. A great inspirer and warm personality has brought colours of rainbow into the lives of millions.

  • Prof. (Dr.) Chandradhwaj Panda, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D..

    Secretary, Gandhi Group of Institutions.

  • We live in a world that is driven intensely by knowledge where literally and figuratively, knowledge is power. Exercising this power with diligence and dynamism is a formidable task and requires a mindset that is a combination of wisdom and professionalism, which truly reflects in Dr. Chandradhwaj Panda, who is an iconic figure in the technical education in eastern India.

  • Dr. Panda is characterized by a judicious blend of the values of our ancient wisdom and the rapidly changing concepts in technology and management. That makes his personality 'a unique' amongst hundreds and thousands.

  • Dr. Panda, a scholar of Economics; an adorable professor; a friend to a common man, an excellent motivator and inspiration for thousands, beholds the capacity to lead the mind from Knowledge to Wisdom.

  • Prof. (Dr) Jagadish Panda,Ph.D.in Computer Science & Engineering

    Vice Chairman, Gandhi Group Of Institution.

  • Dr. Jagadish Panda is a Master of Technology in Computer Science & Engineering. He is young, energetic and dynamic. He has 10 years of successful track record of working in Rourkela & Bokaro Steel plants modernization job, under the banner of Crompton Greaves, Kolkata. Being the trustee as well as a dynamic Director, he provides guidance to the organization on profitable growth. He is energetic, curious and inquisitive. Dr. Panda is innovative while also understanding resource constraints.

  • He is a man, one who consistently contributes, yet is sensitive to the opinions of others and supports decisions which are in the best interest of the intuition; a mature, sensitive, team oriented and communicative individual.

  • Though, being highly qualified in the fields of engineering & technology, his love towards children reflects in his passionate association with the Gandhi Public School too. His silent contributions towards the growth of the group are commendable.

  • Prasant Kumar Panda, MA (Gold Medallist), B.Ed. 23 years’ Experience in CBSE Schools

    Principal, Gandhi Public School, Gunupur.

  • Welcome to GPS!
  • Our vision at GPS is to inspire and help each GPSian to realise their true potential, motivate them and ensure that they’ve the right amount of determination, passion and hard work to fulfil their dreams. I’d like to extend my sincere gratitude to our ever growing community of enthusiastic staff, parents and students for supporting us in this mission.

  • The learning offered at GPS is innovative and adapted according to the needs of the changing times. Creativity and excellence is thoroughly encouraged and nothing should be a hindrance to the learning process. Our dedicated staff help in ensuring the best result in both scholastic and co-scholastic areas. This is further aided by the impressive infrastructure and numerous facilities available on campus.

  • The location of the school within the sprawling GIET campus gives it an enormous advantage, leading to a serene learning environment amidst the scenic foothills of the Eastern Ghats. Furthermore, the exchange of ideas between the GIET and GPS students and faculty enhances the learning process.

  • At GPS, the program is made in such a way so as to suit every student’s individual needs and turn them into global citizens, with charismatic personalities. They’re not only taught the regular academic subjects, but their overall personality and other human traits like empathy are also developed, making them the ideal citizen and providing them with the right tools to choose a career of their choice and equipping them to shine.